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tv   CBS Morning News  Me-TV  December 1, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CST

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from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm jericka duncan. latest on our winter weather sweeping the state. it's tuesday, december 1st, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." hillary clinton picked up more than a dozen endorsements from female senators and speaks to "cbs news" about her strategy to defeat isis. call to action. president obama joins world leaders in a historic summit to battle climate change.
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police officer charged in the deadly shooting of a police officer walks out of jamie trnlthsz cyber thieves may have customer data, including children's information. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin with politics. this morning, hillary clinton travels to alabama for the 60th anniversary of the montgomery bus boycott. meanwhile, nearly 8,000 more e-mails have been released. don champion has more on that. >> reporter: the latest trove of e-mails were made public hours after hillary clinton picked up key enforcements from 13 day democratic senators. >> aren't they an amazing group? >> reporter: in one of the more
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which channel she can watch the series "homeland" and on the night of the benghazi attacks, the former secretary of state says the incident was launched by an al qaeda type group. clinton leads, in an interview monday with charlie rose, she maintained she would not put u.s. boots on the ground to fight isis in iraq and syria. >> i think the best way to defeat isis is from the air which we empower, train, equip and in sooip cyber space. on the republican republican side of the race, front runner rallied a crowd of 5,000, he joked that cnn should pay him to participate in the next debate set for december 15th. >> i won't do the debate unless they pay me $5 million.
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warriors or vets. >> i don't believe donald trump will be our nominee or our president. >> reporter: the latest "cbs news" poll shows trump may be losing ground to texas senator ted cruz. cruz has kernlg serged to second place in the key state of iowa. and monday donald trump met with dozens of black pastors in new york city to talk about the rhetoric he's used on the
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the meeting was build as anh donald had pcp in his system and knife. >> what are you doing? get away from the camera. >> reporter: a mob of people mobbed jason van dyke as he left the jail monday evening. he is charged with first degree murder for shooting 17-year-old laquan mcdonald 16 times in 2014. dash-cam video of the shooting was released last week and sparked days of protest, including one held on monday. na acp members marched around
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>> we call upon the mayor to turn this police department around. >> reporter: several protesters attempted monday's court hearing and were not pleased with the judge's decision. >> he need no bail when you done shot a child 16 times. >> reporter: van dyke's lawyer says his client is not a flight rick. since he has no passport and nefrl traveled out of the country. he believes the officer will fight the charge. >> at the end of the day, if a judge and jury shows he didn't he will face the consequence. >> consequence of life in prison if dan strike is in prison. now, chicago police say it was the shooting in chicago. e-is scheduled to have a bail
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authorities say he posted a threat online saying he would execute 16 white male students. mcdone and was shot 16 times. the school was shut down yesterday. the man accused of friday's planned parenthood clinic faces first degree murder charges. he appeared through a video hookup. police say dear killed three in the rampage. coming up, miracle on ice, an officer's body camera catches a woman trapped in icy water, later the pin-up girls get a feminist makeover. this is the "cbs morning news."an injection, or a cream.
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fell through the ice at a reservoir sunday. she was trying to save up with of her dogs that had also fallen through. she was 150 feet away from shore. police managed to get a rope to the woman so she can crawl to a more solid area of ice. then she was able to make her way to rescuers. >> you are freaking lucky. there is no way you should have survived that. >> the woman was taken to the hospital for hypothermia. the dogs are okay as well. in california, a rescuers of a family in a pickup truck got struk stuck in snow deep in the forest forest, stuck for more than five hours with five children inside. they guided the helicopter to the ground and everyone was okay. well, at the second week if
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they are agreeing on emission standards. market brennan is covering the summit in paris. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. president obama is wrapping up his two-day trip to paris here with a one-on-one with turkish leader erdowan. the two of them are discussing the brooder fight against isis and that recent first-hand along the border where turkey shut down a russian jet. >> that is spikeing tensions around that broader fight against isis. >> that is one of the major topics on the side lines here of this gathering of 147 different countries. they're here in par raceelf to negotiate a broader agreement on slowing down climate change. their hope is to get all the
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global warping to about 3.6 degrees above pre industrial levels. president obama came to office promising he would negotiate a that. he sees global warming and the resulting ecological disasters like flood and drought and potential food and water shortages as a threat to broader stoeblt. that's why two weeks after those attacks here in paris, all these leaders have taken on the risk of gathering here. they say that is the purpose of really trying to get together here to hammer out an agreement over the next two weeks of negotiations, but you can see that things like this in some ways they are not a distraction, but they are competing with the attention of the heads of state. >> that is why president obama
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goes into a meeting with a group of specific island countries who are literally wiped off the map due to rising sea levels. he will talk about slowing down climate change and how to pay for the cost of converting to greener cleaner energy, which is expensive. but he believes a necessary thing to do in order to achieve this broader agreement on climate change. so we will get a chance to hear from the president, himself. when he will take some answers or some questions and provide answers in the next few hours. thank you for that motive from paris. economic growth in china has led to record-breaking pollution. this morning in beijing air
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the ability fell to several 00 yards. factories were told to reduce work load and some sections of highways were closed. well, calendar girls get a new look and a twist in the robert zurs durst case. new legal trouble for robert durst. they say durst violated the family's right to bury chath lean mccormick. a lawyer for durst says there is no identify. the union reports on the conviction of former new york state conviction sheldon silver. the democrat was convicted yesterday of all several corruption charges he faced. prosecutors say he received $4 million in bribes and kickbacks. the new york post reports, starting today, restaurants in
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customers of dishes loaded with salt. the restaurant affects people nationwide. a salt shaker icon contains more than 4300 milligrams of sodium. >> the average adult new yorkers consume more sodium every day than recommended. >> harry potter tension is linked to other diseases. the 2016 calendar featuring 13 women wearing clothes, but one. the calendar aims to focus on accomplishments rather than their body. previously they were famous for featuring barely clothed supermodels. coming up, a huge do nation was
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. >> here's a look at today's
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. things look like they were finally going the brown's way in six years. the browns come up with a last minute interception and get into position for what should have been the game winning field goal against baltimore. but watch what happens. >> travis gooms for the win.
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it is picked up by hill. will hill is going to win the game on a blocked field goal. unbelievable. >> they steal the game on the blocked field goal return. baltimore stuns cleveland and anticipation of the new "star wars" movie "the force awakens" is reaching the campaign. ted cruz channelled some of his campaign stop in iowa. >> a message i give to folks, sometimes they'll say he tried. my response is straight out of yoda. ah, there is no try.
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someone does something verythat legendary entertainer, rita moreno. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." family pizza nig
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. . >> i love sieb irmondaycyber monday. i set up a tent, i punched my i.t. guy right in the face just for the heck of it. >> that's not nice. after the shopping frenzy of cyber monday comes giving tuesday. as michelle miller tells us. a lot of people are getting into the spirit today. >> those are the applications we have. >> reporter: as the giving tuesday at command central in new york city,ville tears are giving up. they started right here at the 97th street y.
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>> thenry tems is the director. >> we needed black friday, cyber mornd, giving tuesday and people would really say, yeah, i think that's a good idea. >> on giving tuesday, everyone can be generous. >> reporter: his idea was simple. after several days of shopping, he wanted people to refocus on giving to any charity or purpose they wanted to. he asked others to help. >> they jumped right on the bands wagon. >> it was an amazing thing to see all over the country. people started to giving tuesday and started to grow it. >> reporter: the movement now has 40,000 partners world wide and raised more than $86 million. >> you will see these letters that the kids have written to their donor. >> he runs donors a charity which matches teacher's wish lists to donors. >> people can be supportive, generous in anyway they see fit. that i can give up their time, tear money. >> janine teaches music in the
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she received dozens of instruments from donors giving tuesday campaign. >> the cool thing is it's not just about bringing the materials into the classroom and making sure the kids have this opportunity but it's connecting the down into community to our schools. >> at a time when we feel the most public conversations are things which threaten us or divide us. how valuable is it to have a conversation about something that unites us? >> reporter: a day expected to bring many thanks after much giving. michelle miller, "cbs news," new york. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," more on the cyber attack targeting toy maker vtech. how information for millions of parents and children may be compromised. plus the ultimate gift. we sit down with a kidney donor who found a woman in knead by mistake.
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a kidney to save somebody's life, it stared at me and i knew, i knew i was a patch from the second i saw it. >> you felt like it was there for you? >> it was there for me. >> and we'll sit down with ken dwi center honoree, rita moreno.
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. >> you are watching kcci 8 news. elizabeth: right now at 4:30, two people found dead in a des moines home. and an infant and toddler found alive inside. what witnesses discovered when they came upon the scene. >> i think a police presence in the area might be warranted now. eric: plus a witness to a deadly shooting on court avenue. now des moines businesses and city leaders try to find a way to make the popular entertainment district safer. elizabeth: and up in flames. the incredible new video of a fort dodge police speed enforcement car torched. good morning everyone. thank you for waking up brig and earlwith us.
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